Send hope to Boris…

Write a message to encourage a young Christian facing violence in Central Asia

Send a message of hope to Boris…

We’ve just heard a tough story about a young Christian called Boris* from Central Asia, and we’d love you to help us send him hope and encouragement!

We don’t know loads of details and we have to be careful what we share to protect Boris’ identity. Here’s what we know:

Boris is a young follower of Christ, just 23, and living in Central Asia. He’s only recently become a Christian, but because of his new faith he has been beaten already twice and ended up in hospital. The people in his village are not happy with his choice to follow Jesus.

Please help us encourage Boris during this really tough time for him. Send him a message of hope below – just a few short sentences, and we’ll make sure he gets them and knows that people are praying for him.

What to pray…

Please pray for protection for Boris. Pray he’ll know God’s love and God’s presence in his life will help to overcome fear and hate that people are showing towards him.

*Please note we’ve changed Boris’ name to protect his identity and the image used in not him.

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.