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Send a message of encouragement to a persecuted 15 year-old Christian in the Middle East

Send a message of hope to Abdu

Abdu became a Christian last year, but needs our encouragement and prayers. Could you send him a message, picture, Bible verse, video or piece of encouragement to let him know he is not alone?

Abdu’s story is heartbreaking. He’s from a Muslim family, but after his mum and dad separated, and his mum became a Christian, they had to leave the town he grew up in. Facing pressure for her beliefs, Abdu’s mum took him and his brother to stay with a relative. But not long after, she left to try and find a new life for them in another country. But without their father’s legal permission, Abdu and his brother couldn’t go anywhere. They were stuck, and his mum didn’t return. It’s been two years since Abdu has seen his mum, and since he has lived on the streets and become a Christian himself. For a while he went back to live with his dad, but because of his faith, Abdu’s father told him ‘If you are not a Muslim, you are not my son. If you don’t choose Islam, you will die’. Abdu ran away again, and is now being looked after and supported by local Christians. But he’s facing pressure from his family, and is worried about his future.

Let Abdu know he’s not alone!

You can send a short message, reflection, video or picture using the form on this page. It needs to be something that will let Abdu know that we are praying for him and remind him that we’re cheering him on. So, what could you send – a prayer, your favourite passage or even the lyrics from a worship song?

Still stuck – how about one of these?

  • A video of you reading your favourite Bible verse
  • A video of you and your friends singing your fave worship tune
  • Pictures of a card you’ve made and written a prayer in
  • A pic of an illustration of your fave Bible verse
  • A pic of a nicely handwritten prayer, or video of you reading the prayer
  • A very short (100 word) reflection on a Bible passage

Send your message using the form below (mobile) or on the right (desktop)…

Tips and advice

Just to make sure your message gets used, please follow these guidelines…

  • You: Start by praying and ask God to help you come up with a message.
  • You: You can mention your name in the message, but don’t give surnames, addresses or any private information as part of the message, picture or video itself.
  • Us: Please don’t mention Open Doors in the message.
  • Him: Please don’t criticise any of the countries in the Middle East or other religions or religious extremists, governments, judicial systems or political leaders.
  • Him: Be sensitive. Please don’t dwell on his situation or share about the blessings of life in the UK.

Thanks for standing with Abdu. Any questions or problems with the form, email us at

Small print
All messages we receive will be checked by a member of the Open Doors team before being sent on to Abdu. Not all messages may be used, depending on their content and suitability. Thanks.

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