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Joy, peace, hope

See how these three words can guide us throughout the whole year (and not just at Christmas)…

The Cost (Edition six)

The Autumn 2015 edition features an interview with Brother Andrew, a chat with Jasper Rutherford on finding joy in the struggle and info on our Iraq and Syria appeal!

Joy is bigger…

Is joy just a good feeling or is it something bigger, deeper and wider?

Joyful in adversity

Listen to Eddie share some stories of how to be thankful no matter what you face…

All the small things

Liza wonders whether the secret to joy is not in having all the things you long for, but about realising how much you already have.

Thankfulness is an art

Ask God for a lot? Thank him for very little? Sound familiar? Learn how to find God’s hand in whatever you’re going through…

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