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Write to: Leah’s parents

Leah was kidnapped over a year ago. She’s not been released because she refuses to give up her faith in Jesus…

Sign the Handmade Petition!

When you speak out, our leaders listen. Our persecuted Christian sisters are being ignored. They need to be seen. So let’s do something that is visible, engaging and can’t be ignored. Get involved in a bit of craftivism and sign the Handmade Petition. You’ll need a piece of cloth that you can sign with your own name that will […]

Guts and courage: Saree’s story

Saree from India is just 12, but her faith is strong – strong enough to survive beatings and rejection from family. Pray for her now…

Video: Seeking Jesus

Do we expect our prayers to be answered? Do we really commit to praying for change? Do we believe it can happen?

Iran: Meet a secret pastor

“I need Jesus. Without Jesus I had no life, no hope. I can’t live without him for one moment. None of us can.”

North Korea: Nari’s story

“As I listened to the sermon, I realised that the invisible God could help me. And I thought that I didn’t have to end my life.”

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.