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Send a message to Talitha

Talitha became a Christian just before Christmas – her family don’t know about her new faith! Let her know there are other young people out there in her global church family that are praying for her!

Write to Sele in Nigeria!

Send a message of hope to Sele in Nigeria whose dad was killed in 2011 because of his faith in Jesus.

Write to: Pastor Salim

Send a letter in the post to Salim, a pastor who is continuing to share about Jesus despite threats and ridicule!

Send hope to Boris…

Beaten up because of his new found faith in Jesus. Send him a message of encouragement here…

Tracked down for choosing Jesus

“I hadn’t committed any crime to deserve this.. I didn’t murder anyone; I didn’t steal anything. All I did was surrender my heart to Jesus.” Could you write to Kouroush?

Write to: Gyang

Gyang from Nigeria tragically lost his whole family after a vicious attack by Fulani herdsmen. Send him hope and prayers during this time of grief…

Write to: Marta

Marta from Ethiopia became a Christian in her teens after a harsh childhood. She’s since seen most of her family come to know Jesus too. Write to her…

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.