The Problem

100,000 million Christians face persecution simply for following Jesus 
The Problem


Leader: President Muhammadu Buhari
How many Christians?: 98 million (46% of the population)
World Watch List Rank: 7

“By His grace we all joined our hearts, we are not going to denounce Christ. For us to live is Christ, but to die is gain.”
Amina, whose husband was killed by Boko Haram

Where is it?

Quick facts

  • More Christians are murdered for their faith in Nigeria than in any other country.
  • Nigeria is generally split between an Islamic north and Christian south.
  • Christians face pressure in the north as 12 states have adopted Islamic law and Christians face discrimination.
  • Violence by militant extremist groups is a key driver of persecution, whether that be from Boko Haram in the north east, or Fulani herdsmen in the middle belt.
  • Christian women and girls are vulnerable to abduction and forced marriage – there have been infamous kidnappings of hundreds of school children from schools in northern states.
  • In 2021 Nigeria has risen several places on the World Watch List, and persecution has worsened in all areas of public and private life.

The basics

The persecution facing Christians in Nigeria is extreme and often brutally violent, as Islamic militants and armed bandits attack with increasing impunity.

This mostly affects believers living in the Muslim-majority north and Middle Belt, but it’s also spreading to the south. Although all civilians are subject to threats and violence, Christians are often specifically targeted because of their faith. Boko Haram and the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP), for example, want to eliminate the presence of Christianity in Nigeria.

Men and boys are often specifically targeted by extremist groups, with the aim of destroying livelihoods and stifling Christian population growth. Christian women and girls in northern Nigeria, and increasingly further south, are vulnerable to persecution for their faith and gender.

Troublingly, discrimination against Christian men has also been reported within the government armed forces, with Christian soldiers sent to the most dangerous areas where they’re acutely at risk at being killed by Boko Haram or other extremist groups.
In northern states that operate under Sharia (Islamic law), Christians can be treated as second-class citizens, whilst Christians who convert from Islam are also at risk of pressure and persecution.

Meet Amina

When Boko Haram stormed Amina’s home in Nigeria, her husband and two sons could have escaped harm if they denied Jesus. They refused – but it came at a tragically awful cost. Daniel, her husband, was killed. The two sons miraculously survived.

That wasn’t the end of the story. Five years later, Amina was in a van with five men and ten other women travelling to the funeral of her sister-in-law when it was stopped by Boko Haram militants. The men were killed and the women abducted and held deep in the Sambisa Forest under the yoke of Boko Haram control.

The women faced enormous pressure to renounce their faith in Jesus, but they courageously stood firm. Thankfully, after eight months in captivity, they were freed. On her release, Amina broke out into song: “By His grace I am alive, that is why I am singing. Jehovah saved my life.”

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How is Open Doors helping?

Open Doors works through church partners to strengthen Christians in Nigeria with discipleship and persecution survival training, trauma care and economic empowerment projects.

Pray this

Dear God, intervene to halt and thwart the activities of extremist groups and armed bandits in Nigeria. Protect Christians and churches from attack, and pour Your peace into fearful hearts. Heal all those traumatised by attacks. Give Your children strength to hold onto You, despite suffering, and may they tangibly feel Your presence with them. Equip and empower believers in their response to persecution. Stir the government and security forces to do more to protect Christians. Amen.

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