The Problem

100,000 million Christians face persecution simply for following Jesus 
The Problem

Yohannes’ story

Yohannes is from Eritrea. He was born into a Christian family, but like a lot of us, his faith didn’t really become his own until his late teens.

Whilst at a Christian wedding, Yohannes was arrested – simply for being there as a guest. His bail was set at $150,000, an impossible sum for most families. So far he’s been imprisoned for a whole year.

Prison in Eritrea isn’t like it is here. There are no individual cells and human rights are grossly ignored. If a Bible is found, it is burnt in front of its owner. As punishment, prisoners have been covered with water mixed with sugar. They are then made to stand in the heat, arms tied, so that flies come and eat the mixture off of the prisoners exposed faces.

Whilst in prison, Yohannes’ wife gave birth. He hasn’t held his son. But he’s hopeful. In such a harsh place, the rest of the prison population are open to talking about faith. Some have become Christians. And Yohannes isn’t bitter, he’s forgiving his captors and tormentors. But even more so, the future excites him: “Sometimes you feel that you are totally neglected, totally forgotten. But I believe the Body of Christ is praying for freedom of faith in Eritrea”.

Pray for

  • Those who have been imprisoned simply because of their choice to  follow Jesus.
  • Ask for justice to be done and for amazing stories of witness and change in other prisoners.

Where is Eritrea?

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.