By Dan Etheridge

Why Blackout? Semira’s story…

Semira and her mum live in Eritrea. Recently, Semira’s dad was arrested for attending an illegal prayer meeting. He’s been imprisoned and has been given no release date. But despite threats and intimidation, Semira hasn’t given up on Jesus. Her mum explains.

“She was given three warnings from the school for sharing her faith and she was told not to talk to any children even during school breaks.

“One day some of her fellow students threw rocks at her and she got hit in the stomach. They regularly tell her that she doesn’t deserve to be their friend. Sometimes they also throw rocks at the house.”

“My daughter is never scared of the persecution anymore Even if they keep hurting her physically, she doesn’t care. She always says, ‘God won’t let me down. I am ready until death to follow Him.’”

Open Doors is helping to provide practical help to Christians across the region where Semira and her mum live.

Join the Blackout to help others like Semira and her mum who are bravely living out their love of Jesus despite threats, violence and trauma.

The Author
Dan works part time with Open Doors, mainly sorting out the comms stuff for youth and students. In his other life he's a freelance writer and graphic designer who likes collecting records and sitting on beaches looking at waves.

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.