Choose to Lose: Thank you!

By Dan Etheridge

Thank you for giving up something you love to raise money, prayer and awareness for those who have lost everything for their love of Jesus. We’ll be sending you a Choose to Lose pack in the post in early January 2023. Look out for it – it’ll have a handy planning guide, an awesome sticker sheet and some stories to read and share, plus prayer and action to help you connect with young Christians who have lost out because of their faith in Jesus.

You can lose what you love for as long as you like (a day, two days, week, month or longer) and you can do the Challenge whenever you like!

So, first things first – what are you going to give up, when and for how long? We’d love to know – send us an email to tell us. You might also want to set a fundraising target too and aim to raise a certain amount of money! When you’ve sorted all that, do this….

Start getting sponsored now…

Make sure you create a JustGiving page and sign up to raise money through your Choose to Lose challenge. Here’s how.

1. Head to justgiving.com/campaign/choosetolose23
2. Hit the ‘Start Fundraising’ button
3. Either sign in or create a JustGiving account
4. Set up your fundraising page
5. Share the page with your friends, family and church to start raising money!

Challenge others…

We’d love loads of people to join us in raising money and prayer by losing what they love. So do this now.

  • Edit the image below (or download here…) on your phone, writing in what you’re giving up
  • Post your edited image to one of your social media accounts and tag three friends, nominating them to take part in the Choose to Lose challenge too
  • You could also text three friends with the image and the challenge
  • Tell them to join you as you give up something you love for a short time to raise money for Christians who have lost everything because of their choice to follow Jesus
  • Point them to opendoorsyouth.org/choosetolose to sign up!

Other resources:

You can also download a few great digital resources too – including a youth leader session to help you introduce Choose to Lose to your group and some extra prayer ideas to use during your challenge.

If you’ve got any questions do feel free to drop us a line at youth@opendoorsuk.org and we’ll get back to you asap.

Thanks again – you’re a legend!

The Author
Dan works part time with Open Doors, mainly sorting out the comms stuff for youth and students. In his other life he's a freelance writer and graphic designer who likes collecting records and sitting on beaches looking at waves.

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.