Blackout: Why lose what you love?

By Dan Etheridge

Persecuted Christians often have to give up everything to follow Jesus: their families, homes, jobs, friends, freedoms and, sometimes, even their lives.

In rural Vietnam, where Poh lives, Christian converts are secret believers as leaving the traditional village religion is seen as a betrayal to family and community. Those who choose Jesus face discrimination, threats and violence.

Poh was a teenager when his girlfriend told him about Jesus and he became a Christian.

When Poh’s dad found out, he gathered his relatives and the chief of the village. They tried to force Poh to stop believing in Jesus. For hours they taunted, mocked and pressured him.

At one point, someone tried to tie Poh up. “My father picked up a rock to throw at me. Other people were trying to stop my father from killing me,” he recalls.

But Poh stood firm. The threats and harassment continued – villagers warned Poh that his father would kill him. Still, Poh didn’t bend, saying “No. No, I won’t give up. I have come this far. I don’t want to go back. I will continue to believe in Christ.”

Poh lost family, home, community and a secure future because of Jesus. Could you lose what you love for a short time to raise money and prayer for courageous believers like Poh who have lost everything because of their love of Jesus?

The Author
Dan works part time with Open Doors, mainly sorting out the comms stuff for youth and students. In his other life he's a freelance writer and graphic designer who likes collecting records and sitting on beaches looking at waves.

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.